1. A (losing) drawing I did during sequestration for some Italian film fest contest. “Be Different,” get laid off and draw some dumb pictures!

  2. Last post about my experiment called my Graphic Novel (I promise.) The comic has been accepted by ComiXology, and can be purchased through their app for a cool 99 pfennig. http://cmxl.gy/17MOP1e

  3. A drawing I did for the next Ubuntu release wallpaper contest. Disclosure: May cause seizures if used as a wallpaper.

  4. Inspired by a recent project I worked on… a drawing titled “What it’s like to customize somebody else’s Wordpress theme.”

  5. Another product of the SuperStorm downtime… I’ve created a poster for “Our Block” a “Design Challenge” I’ll be participating in at #MozFest next weekend. If you are attending the Mozilla Festival, please come check out Our Block.